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Assalamualaikum ..i hope you all have a blissful day ..http://www.emocutez.com

Today for the first time throughout my life I wrote my post in English..  Maybe it’s broken English but never mind I like to try new things.. today my English post might be worse, but if I keep on trying I hope my English writing would be much better. Some people would say, “hey you, don’t be so arrogant with your English, shame on you.. do not forget your roots , you’re just a Malay girl "…

=.= …hey dude ,what type of species are you? Shame on you who can’t think further about life.. English language nowadays is a common thing.. Everywhere uses English …as an example in Malay also uses English.. See this :
  • ·         Mak,ali nak pergi TOILET…
  • ·         DADDY nak pergi mana tu?
  • ·         Babai ayah.. *bye2
  • ·         Kau memang TERROR
  • ·         Tempat ni memang BEST

And so on.The fact is most of us uses English everyday.. BUT ..please…don’t use it wrongly.. modern Malaysian uses Rojak Language often rather than using full English or full Malay . Rojak Language is a highly controversial topic, as language purists accuse it was merely bad use of English and may cause a crisis in language proficiency.

Hence,use proper language okay? Using English language doesn’t mean that i’m forgetting my “bahasa ibunda” but i’m just practicing towards facing the world out there.so,come on change our mind set! Be a person with a brain.. if people out there can try to talk in our malay language why can’t us? Think about it..

okeyh,nih versi malay dan english:

Meh layan citer ni:

Pada suatu petang,seorang pelancong asing telah datang ke gerai buah-buahan milik peniaga tempatan.

Pelancong : Excuse me,what is this?

Penjual     : Apa dia?Mercedes?Saya tak pakai Mercedes.Proton Saga je.

Pelancong : What did you say?

Penjual     : Tuan jangan merepeklah.Tuan nak mati makan pasir?

Pelancong : I don’t understand.What are you saying about?

Penjual     : Ooo.Round about.Memang bas yang tuan mahu naik itu akan lalu round about.

Pelancong : You must be crazy.You’re wasting my time.

Penjual     : Apa??tuan nak anak saya ,Rozie???

Maka berlakulah adegan kejar mengejar antara pelancong asing dan penjual buah.http://www.emocutez.com 

the conclusion is try to learn English even some people said it is quite hard but surely i want to say..ENGLISH IS FUN!

i like Mr.clive writing in his blog..very creative and did enjoy reading his post ..congrats.^^ 

k,that's all..wassalam ..


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